Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Green is my new favorite color

Vidya has been awarded a provisional green card, meaning he can now apply for work anywhere. This is especially great news since as an engineer he needs special security clearance to work in many places. Also, since with the H1B anyone who hired him would have to spend thousands in legal fees; as a permanent resident he's "free". Now he has to get a "biometric scan" & we will be scheduled for an interview so they can make sure our marriage is legitimate (with his snoring, I must love him to marry him!) before he gets the permanent green card. So, hopefully this will mean he gets a job in his actual field sooner than later so we can move out of my parents' house & on with life. With all the bad stuff that's been going on the past month or so, this good news is most welcome!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life continues to suck

We just got back from the vets with Romeo. Vidya was walking him when a neighbor on the next street's pit bull came charging out of their house and lept on our dog's hind quarters. Vidya managed to free him with the help of a passer by and took him home, trembling all the way. I had just gotten out of work and was driving home when my mom called to let me know she took him to the vets to be checked out. He's relatively ok; he has a few puncture wounds which they are giving him antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to help with the swelling. The neighbor will be getting the bill for this, rest assured. What else could go wrong? I am so sick of every post here being bad news!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Grandma died this morning

At least her suffering is over. We've been holding vigil at her bedside for the past 3 days. The funeral is Saturday, which happens to be both my mother's & my birthday. Right now we're calling family & friends to let them know; quite the daunting task given her huge Irish Catholic family. All I can think about right now is the empty seat I'll have to look at at my wedding in June; it's going to be hard not to tear up. RIP, grandma; you're in a better place now.
(in the photo: grandma at Christmas dinner 2007 on the far left)