Monday, January 30, 2012

Triggering tonight!

I will trigger with Ovidrel when I get home from class tonight meaning Wednesday, our 4th anniversary, will be ER day.  It better be a happy anniversary!  Stay tuned...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Still stimming...

Update from this morning's appointment: 3 on L measurable: 20, 16 & 14, plus a few under 12.  3 measurable on R: 19 & 2 @ 15, plus a few under 12.  I hope the 19 & 20 don't jump the gun so the others can catch up.  My E2 went up from 191 to 568.  Another 275 of Follistim tonight & I go back in tomorrow morning.  It looks like my ER will likely be either Tuesday or Wednesday.  February 1st (Wednesday) is also my 4th wedding anniversary so if it ends up being that day, hopefully we'll have something to celebrate with lots of mature eggs that fertilize normally!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

IVF #1, monitoring appt #1

I had my 1st monitoring appt this morning; just the basic bloodwork & ultrasound.  There were 8 follies on lefty, 10 on righty, all under 12mm.  E2 was 72 after 4 days of stims which is on the low side but from what I've been told this can change pretty quickly.  My Lupron dose will remain @ 5 but they are upping my Follistim from 200 to 275.  I go back for more monitoring on Thursday.  Good times!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baseline is done!

I had my baseline bloodwork & ultrasound this morning.  When I got there I ran into one of the ladies from my infertility group who is also cycling & will likely be triggering this weekend.  We played catch up while waiting to get violated, which was nice.

I got my ultrasound done first.  My nurse asked me my name, rank & serial # (well not really, but you know the drill if you're infertile) before quipping "Just wanted to make sure you are who you say you are.  Don't want some weirdo just coming in off the street for a transvaginal to get their rocks off."  LMAO.  I assured her it was really me but was wondering if she was really an RN or just some clerk from the deli @ Stop&Shop; after all, they wear white coats too.  She giggled a bit.  It's nice to have some levity when dealing with this infertility b.s.

As they say, "All quiet on the Western front" (in my ute & ovaries @ least).  So the plan is as follows:

Tomorrow morning I lower my Lupron dose to 5.  Then tomorrow night, I start with 200 of Follistim & keep doing the morning Lupron/night Follistim thing until my next bloodwork & ultrasound on the 24th.  I asked my nurse what she thought the likelyhood of my ER being the same morning as Vid's citizenship ceremony & she said although there's a chance, it's doubtful based on my history of response to stims; she's thinking more likely it'd be a couple days later.  We could freeze a sample I suppose, but I'd rather not have to.  I mean, we just forked over $2500 to them this morning, not to mention the $500 for meds on top of that.  I knew I should've gambled way more in Vegas...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some Lupron-inspired haikus

I'm in bed by 9.
What am I, like 80?
Man, I need some coffee.


Laughing to myself,
But have not lit up in years.
I guess this is "loopy"!


Did I pay that bill?
I cannot remember shit.
Oh, look, a squirrel!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yup, the universe hates me.

I made Vid's appt for this morning 2 months ago since I knew we would be cycling after the 1st of the year & it takes that long to get into the MFI guru's place @ the hospital. He checked in & they told him they had NO RECORD OF THE APPT. WTF? I have a text dated November 18th to Vid stating I had made him the appt for today. They told him they could put him on the cancellation list but the soonest they had was a cancellation on 1/31, the tentative day of my ER. He called me in a panic & I told him to call my RE & have them see what they can do. We're not super duper MFI but his motility has been on a steady downward slide over the past 2 years. I hope this doesn't push our cycle back; I may loose it. FML.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The month ahead

So here's what's going to be happening in my nether regions over the next month or so:

1/10: start Lupron (10 units daily)
1/14: take my last BCP
1/19: baseline ultrasound & bloodwork
1/20: start Follistim (200 units daily)
1/31: estimated ER (+ or - 5 days on either end depending on response to stims, etc.)
Most likely a 3 day transfer of 1 or 2 embryos thereafter depending on quality & quantity

Wrench in the plans: husband is becoming a US citizen on the morning of January 28, which falls right in the range of possible ER/ET dates.  We literally just found out about this 2 days ago when we came home from vacation to a letter stating such.  Of course, we can't reschedule either Vid's swearing in: the US gov't is not flexible like that; huge surprise.  ER/ET is also not something we have the power to reschedule, which all infertiles know but other people don't, as I had to explain to my parents.  But thankfully, his swearing in is @ 9am so if the universe really does hate me as much as I think it does that will mean we speed from that to the RE's office should both events fall on the same date. 

At this time next month, we will likely know if this worked or not.  I'm so hopeful but so frightened.  This cycle has been a long time coming & now that it's finally here, I feel like I want to throw up.  I've never been so nervous in my life!