Sunday, March 30, 2008


It’s been a while since I posted a blog so here’s a bit of a recap of what’s been going on lately:

Grandma is now in a nursing home getting intense speech and physical therapy which must be so weird for her since she was a PT for 40 years. She has a feeding tube & is trying her damnedest to talk. I really think she’s trying to hold on for my cousin Kelli who’s due to have a baby in May, as well as my "real wedding" in June.

Vidya goes back to see the hand surgeon this week. He’s in a cast with orders to hold his hand up to keep the swelling down; it looks like he’s constantly giving the "black power" sign, which I find quite amusing. So long as he keeps following orders, they think they can get away with not having him go through surgery.

He’s still unemployed, but has a promising lead with a job in Framingham; he’s so bored being at home all day, the poor dear. However, the dog does love having company during the day. Once he gets a job we should be able to save money for a deposit on a house or apartment to rent fairly quickly since he makes way more than I ever will with the same level of education. And after that point, we can also afford to start trying to get pregnant.

My job is going ok so far; not something I’d want to do for the next 30 years but it’s giving me supervisory experience which may be useful down the road in future opportunities. The people I work with are wonderful which helps since the pay stinks. I’m just so thankful to have health insurance, especially with an accident prone husband!

Vidya has also been medically cleared by the US government physician so he can finally apply for his green card which, when granted, will make getting a job that is actually in his field a whole lot easier. Right now with his work permit he’s pretty much stuck doing IT because most jobs for the type of engineer he is trained to be require government security clearance, meaning you have to be a permanent resident or citizen. He’s already started practicing singing the national anthem (with incorrect lyrics, a Vidya trademark of most songs he sings) for when he become a citizen; too cute.

We (mom, sister, myself & Vidya) went to Riverdance @ PPAC this afternoon; it was my sister's birthday gift to my mom & I. It's a gorgeous day out; we walked around a bit after the show. Back to the grind tomorrow...

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