Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time for some random neuroses

Apparently I now have infertility nightmares. I'm not sure whether to laugh @ this fact or find it incredibly disturbing. I probably haven't had a true wake up in a cold sweat trying to catch your breath kind of nightmare since childhood, about 20 years ago. But I've had 2 in the past week; both quite similar.

In the 1st one I dreamed married only 10 weeks & already 8 weeks pregnant cousin was chasing me in her wedding dress with a huge baby bump. In the second one, I was kidnapped by my mother, thrown in the trunk of her car & driven against my will to NJ (where said cousin is from) to her baby shower. I should point out my mother drives a Hyundai Accent & I'm 5'10" & plus size so it must've been quite a feat for her to stuff me in the trunk!

As if being infertile in reality isn't bad enough, it's now invaded my REM sleep as well! Usually I have pleasant or amusing dreams if I dream @ all. Hopefully this is not the start of a new pattern.


La loca said...

First of all, I must say that I´m not a doctor or any professional but I´ve had PCOS for a while and I´m starting to see changes and understand more of the desease.
Before I had my 1st IVF, I was in bad shape (hormonally speaking). I had been for a year. At the end. I started sweating and having nightmares ike crazy. It´s almost like menopausal side-effects. On top of that my regular PCOS side-effects were going aweful acne and hair loss/growth...all in line with PCOS symptoms. I started reading online about it and I found some connection between PCOS and night sweats/nightmares.
During the failed IVF, where I developed OHSS because I had about 40 follies growing, they retrieved about 25 follies. After that, I haven´t experienced 1 symptom. Not one. Everything has been corrected and I even ovulated this cycle. I guess, when they took out all those old follies, they cleaned me up and I´m starting fresh.
Have you noticed any other symptoms getting worse?
That´s just my guess
Good luck with the drilling. You are so brave.

Anasara said...

I had really vivid nightmares on my 3 cycles of Clomid but none of the other well known side effects. I also did 3 cycles of Follistim but that didn't bother me in the least. Go figure!