Thursday, December 6, 2012

Infertile with a Turtle

Because Christmas isn't painful enough for us infertiles, what with all the adorable faces (more every year!) staring at you from holiday cards, now there's Elf on a Shelf. And of course, 90% my parent friends seem to think gives them license to plaster photos on Facebook (sometimes several times a day) of whatever their kid's elf is doing.  A few examples:

To be fair, I also have some friends with kids who have a wonderfully sick sense of humor too:

But that's maybe 0.1% of the Elf on a Shelf posts. 

Since I have no kids it'd be kind of creepy to participate in this.  What's an infertile to do?  I have an idea!  How about "Infertile with a Turtle"?  I'll insert a photo of a turtle into some of my favorite travel pics.

Here's an Infertile with a Turtle at Chenonceau, France:


Infertile with a Turtle at Gullfoss, Iceland:

And finally, Infertile with a Turtle at the Grand Canyon:

How about you?  Let's see your pictures.  Comment with a link to your blog. :)


ousoonerchick said...

I'm sorry but the stripper pole was funny!

kthappy76 said...

I know I'm an outlier, but the elf is creepy and I have no intention of bringing it into my home. Ever. Those pics, however, are funny. I much prefer the turtle though, so well travelled. ;)

Toni Rapp said...

I have to agree about the stripper pole. I also love your turtle pics!

Rebecca said...

Stripper Pole was hilarious.