Friday, October 4, 2013

What is it like?

What is it like...

  • to find out you're pregnant
  • to see 2 lines
  • to have the RE call you with good news for a change
  • to watch your betas double
  • to see a little blob on the screen with a beautiful flutter
  • to feel nauseous & happy @ the same time
  • to see a plain old OB/GYN
  • to hear someone else's heart beat next to yours
  • to be able to tell someone that it actually worked this cycle
  • to be able to look at baby items with hope & happiness
  • to be able to use the excuse you're eating for more than just you now
  • to see your belly grow
  • to feel their kicks from the inside
  • to have others buy you a shower gift for a change
  • to decorate their long empty nursery just as you imagined it
  • to make a birth plan
  • to experience labor & delivery
  • to hear their 1st cry
  • to hold them in your arms instead of just your heart
  • to see your name on a birth certificate listed as "mother"
What is it like?


cjdubs13 said...

This post made me tear up....I don't get to experience most of these but now I am a mother of an almost three year old through adoption. IF sucks. Hugs.

Rebecca said...

I don't know what to say. I have no live babies either.

ADSchill said...

So sorry hon. I remember how you feel so sharply. I wish I could promise you will feel all those things, but I can't. I will pray and hope you see those double lines very soon.

Dipitie S said...

I've gone through the top half of that list, but then I was lucky enough to see a still embryo, endure a d&c and then have to return a crib, tell everyone that we did tell (fortunately just a few). It all sucks. (((Hugs)))

JM said...

I also wonder all of the items in your list :(It feels awful no matter how many items you don't get to experience though ... So sorry we all have to go through this. ((HUGS))