Monday, September 8, 2008



So we're still not completely in but should be by the weekend. The people who lived there before us were supposed to be out on 9/1 but really weren't until 9/3 which was fine since I didn't have the moving truck rented until 9/6. But they left the place a mess; my mother & I have been cleaning all weekend. I'm talking epoxy spilled & dried into the sink & tub among other things. I called my landlord & he came to look at the damage done. Let's just say he is not happy about having to fix all this since the former tenants made no mention of things that needed repairing, etc. He's not giving them their damage deposit back but meanwhile we're stuck with the clean up.

Because we've spent so much time on cleaning we're not done assembling the new furniture we bought from IKEA. Seriously, we'd already be in if it wasn't for the massive amount of cleaning. And the cable guys are coming Thursday since they had to cancel for Saturday with the tropical storm we had. I swear nothing is ever easy!

With all this added stress I've also fallen off the Weight Watchers bandwagon a bit. I'll get back on once we're settled in & I have a kitchen to work in again.

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