Thursday, September 18, 2008


I think I have the flu. My husband came home from work 2 days ago with a cold; he's better now. But whatever he had he gave to me in some mutant form. I've gone through almost 2 boxes of tissues in under 24 hours.

I came home last night thinking I had caught his cold; no big deal. I had dinner & watched Ghost Hunters like I do every Wednesday. By the time 10pm rolled around I felt like death warmed over. Full sinuses, a rip-roaring headache, body ache, a slight fever & chills. I took a Nyquil which lasted me until about 4am when I woke up with (pardon the graphic description) snot dried on my pillow case. I called in sick at that point, took another Nyquil & went back to bed until about 10am. And I still feel tired.

So I'm at home in bed spending quality time with the dog. It was a challenge taking him out for a walk earlier this afternoon; I had vertigo big time. I'm hoping to be better enough to go to work tomorrow so as not to burn through what little sick time I get at my suckass job. But it's now almost 6pm & let's just say it isn't looking good.


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