Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wishing & hoping & thinking & praying

I actually have hope this cycle. Once again I had a few good follies @ my monitoring ultrasound on Thursday: 2 on the left (14 &20 mm) & 2 on the right (14 & 18 mm). They probably grew a couple of more mm before the actual inseminations. We had an IUI on Friday & another one on Saturday, both with good post-wash counts of 28 million & 37 million respectively.

The nurse who did the IUI on Saturday said I had plenty of good quality cervical mucus; I never thought in a million years I'd be proud of that fact. I told her this was our 3rd medicated IUI & if this didn't work we'd be on a forced break until the new year with our trip to India & how I had been sick for the last 2 cycles. She opened up & told me her now 20 year old son who is studying abroad in China was the result of Clomid & he was the last cycle before she was out of options; back then, IVF was not covered by her insurance. The fact she has been through the pain of dealing with infertility is nice to know as a patient. Though I would not wish this experience on my worst enemy, her personal experiences as a past patient makes me feel that much more comfortable with her.

So, beta is 10/30, though I will probably pee on a stick before then. *knocks on wood* I have not been sick this cycle so I'm taking this as a sign this actually has a shot in hell of working. Something else I take as a possible sign:

I stumbled upon this while doing some research for my marketing class. I showed Vid & he had the same reaction: it's us, only not fat & with a baby. We're not flying Air India next month & we certainly won't be thin in 4 weeks, but maybe we'll be going with a baby, allbeit one of the inside variety. I'd love nothing more than to experience morning sickness @ 30,000 feet.

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The Quarke Family said...

Fingers crossed. On an unrelated note: the guy in the ad looks like an ex. Weird.

Seriously, fingers, toes, everything crossed.

P.S. My word verification thing is 'inizi' -- beginnings, in Italian. Auspicious!