Sunday, April 11, 2010

So I ran into my RE the other day

We were both shopping @ Kohl's. Vid was trying on some things in the changing room & she was there with her dad. It's kind of funny, because I was like "Hey, long time! I kind of miss seeing you guys". What a weird thing to say to someone who usually sees you naked from the waist down. But really, all the folks who work in her practice are fabulous.

We chatted for a bit, not about infertility but my mother-in-law & what's going on with getting her here for a second opinion on cancer treatments. My father-in-law is coming @ the end of the month for a few weeks to see my sister-in-law walk for her 2nd Masters as well as talk to specific hospitals about her case & if she could be treated here. She gave us some good ideas as well; we'll see what happens.

We left the store with a "See you in the summer" & "Maybe sooner if you get pregnant on your own". Huh; my RE has more faith in my ladygarden doing its freaking job than I do. Sad really. Maybe it's because after almost 2 years of nothing I'm not much of a believer in miracles anymore.

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