Sunday, February 13, 2011

Having an unhappy period

Aunt Flo showed up on Friday 2 days early. Thankfully I have a stash of tampons in my desk @ work so I was able to stave off bleeding through my jeans. Unfortunately my undies did not fair so well. Since I wasn't expecting AF for 2 days I wasn't wearing my "meh" underwear: you know, the pairs that are well worn & on their way out anyways that you specifically wear when AF is in town so you don't ruin a new pair.

If that wasn't sucky enough I find out that cousin who got married in May & is due at the end of the month had her baby in the afternoon when I stopped @ my parents' house on the way home from work to pick up something. She apparently went into labor that morning & had the kid not even 8 hours later. I give myself props for @ least being able to hold in my tears until I got home.

And to top it all off, my other cousin who is also due @ the end of the month (the day before the cousin who had her baby on Friday) is being induced tomorrow because her OB/GYN is going on vacation when she is due & she needs him (her? I don't know if the doc is male or female) to deliver her as she is on state medical insurance & the other docs @ the practice aren't. Don't even get me started on knowingly getting knocked up with baby #2 (@ least she's married) when you can't afford to deliver on your own dime, but inducing someone because you're going on vacation is just ridiculous.

All of this is not helping my diet to get off the last bit of weight to be able to do IVF, of course. Tonight I start my BCPs meaning there will be no 2011 baby for us, just as there was no 2009 or 2010 baby. I'll be on them for 2 months since Vid has to travel for work next month (it's a great opportunity & I'm completely fine with putting off our cycle for a few weeks) but they're ultra low dose (Apri) so I shouldn't oversupress my ovaries. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact this is what getting pregnant has come to for us.

Thankfully I have therapy after work on Tuesday; I really need it this week.

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