Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well, that won't be us either.

From the lovely folks @ CNN:

11-11-11: How to get the coolest birthday for your baby

And the worst part?

Knowing some stupid fertile will decide her kid like totally needs to have a super cute birthday, have sex once & get exactly what she wants.

I don't care what birthday my future kid gets; I'll take anything!


kthappy76 said...

This article really annoyed me. For the reason you stated (who is this shallow?) and that if they actually thought about it (and cared about the health of their baby over having a "cool" birthday) they'd realize that being born at a time when there are an unusually high number of births is bad time to be born as the system (ORs/maternity wards/nursing resources) will be overtaxed. People are stupid, but at least we can be thankful that we aren't...

Mrs. M317 said...

As if conceiving on a certain day will get you any particular birthday... yeesh - people can be so shallow

Jill said...

Whatever birthday your baby gets will be super-cute, don't worry. ;)