Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh, to have this problem!

Meet Gemma Potter, 23, Pregnant Seven Times In Five Years, Despite Using Contraception :

Gemma Potter, a 23-year-old mom of three says she has tried every form of contraception: the Pill, condoms, the coil, progestogen injections, an implant... But, despite these precautions, she and husband Glenn, 27, can't stop getting pregnant. They are expecting another baby now, and this is her seventh pregnancy in five years (she's had two miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy).

May I be so bold as to suggest her husband get a vasectomy? And you gotta love the spin on her "problem": At this point, the silver lining on her extreme fertility is that she may be able to help other people become parents: "If I keep having children and it gets to the stage that I can't afford them any more I would consider surrogacy," she said.

Except that she has a history of miscarriage & ectopic pregnancy which would likely exclude her from being a surrogate. I wouldn't wish those experiences on anyone, but really? Have a clue before you open your mouth. Oh, and being a surrogate means you also have to have the ability to NOT GET PREGNANT @ the drop of a hat so you can, you know, carry a baby for someone else; this seems to have been a major issue for her.

Ah fertile problems. Very much like 1st world problems, don't you think? ;)


ADSchill said...

I kind of feel like this is crap.

I can see getting pregnant off of the pill (if you don't take a strong dose faithfully) and condoms (because they are known to break from time to time), but if she were on an IUD or some other more permanent form of birth control, it would not happen.

I just don't think this can be all true.

Sometimes said...

I'm with Miss C. No way she's telling the truth. She might be an idiot who forgets to take her pill. Or who gets pregnant on the pre-sperm stuff before the condom goes on. But not on everything else.

Who is she anyway? Is she on some tv show I don't know about?

Rebecca said...

I knew a gal that got pregnant every time she took the pill because she was so stupid to only take the pill when she had sex. DUH! Take it every day of the month as directed by the doctor. Yes, there has got to be more to this story and I think its because the gal and her husband don't know what they are doing wrong in the prevention department.

Sunflower said...

I read this article too. Sounds fishy to me too.

Anasara said...

Sounds fishy indeed. But I know someone kind of like this. She got pregnant while on the pill & using condoms. After her daughter was born she had an IUD placed & got pregnant again, with twins. Then she got her tubes tied.

C said...

She could also at least try to track her ovulation, I think she's full of crap too!