Monday, December 5, 2011

More infertile nightmares

In the past I've posted about nightmares I've had of being kidnapped & forced to attend baby showers for my cousin who got pregnant on her honeymoon. Well, they're baaaack! This time, though, they're about my upcoming IVF.

This past week, I have had 2 of them. In the first, I go to my egg retrieval & when I wake up they tell me none of my eggs were mature. In the second, none of my eggs fertilize, even with ICSI.

Clearly it's time for a med adjustment. Or a vacation.


kthappy76 said...

Sorry about the nightmares hon. IVF anxiety is rough stuff. (((hugs)))

ADSchill said...

I never had dreams about IF. Just nasty day dreams. Keep your head on sweetie. It will be okay.

Kayla said...

Ohhh, I'm in the same boat and I'm not even on meds, yet.