Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yup, the universe hates me.

I made Vid's appt for this morning 2 months ago since I knew we would be cycling after the 1st of the year & it takes that long to get into the MFI guru's place @ the hospital. He checked in & they told him they had NO RECORD OF THE APPT. WTF? I have a text dated November 18th to Vid stating I had made him the appt for today. They told him they could put him on the cancellation list but the soonest they had was a cancellation on 1/31, the tentative day of my ER. He called me in a panic & I told him to call my RE & have them see what they can do. We're not super duper MFI but his motility has been on a steady downward slide over the past 2 years. I hope this doesn't push our cycle back; I may loose it. FML.


Rebecca said...

Why do they do that? Just yesterday I had a place tell me that I was there too early and I had my appointment slip in hand. Do they just randomly like to mess with us this way?

ADSchill said...

You should show them the text and tell them to fit you in as was the plan. Or get your RE to call them. It never fails that something has to get screwed up! Dang.

Sunflower said...

I feel for you! It is uncanny how EVERY time one tries to be organized and plan ahead in this journey, there is always some drama caused through no fault of ours. I had so much similar drama during my cycles too :-(