Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck o' the Irish

So, hey, it's been a while, huh?  Yeah.  Nothing new to report in the land of infertility here.  Happy St. Paddy's day to those of you who are Irish in blood or just Irish in their hearts!  My mom's side of the family comes from the Emerald Isle & we still have a smattering of cousins there, none of whom actually celebrate this holiday either.  Since I don't like beer, I'm usually the designated driver for all activities related to the day but my parents left for Florida this morning & my sister now has a kid so for this year at least, we are no longer the family that drinks together.

Anywho, I booked a trip to Ireland when our tax refund got deposited into the checking account on Friday.  So excited!  We'll be there once the semester is out; basically, the week before Memorial Day.  We'll do some exploring on our own & hang out with relatives as well, all of whom I haven't seen in person in over a decade.    Vid is obsessed with going to Enya's castle.  We shall see; it's way up north in Donegal & my people are in the south west of the country.  Once we get back from The Old Sod & Aunt Flo shows it'll be FET time (in theory) come June.

I say in theory because a lot hinges on what happens with my mother-in-law.  Almost 4 years post-bone cancer diagnosis, she is still alive, but opinions vary on for how much longer.  Vid is heading over to India for 2 weeks on Wednesday to see exactly what is going on since his parents are the worst communicators on the planet.  I won't get into the drama (trust me, there is much) but this is not a trip he is looking forward to making for many reasons.  We've discussed it & I'm really not comfortable cycling again while she's still alive because when she does pass, my father-in-law's lack of coping skills will mean my husband will have to go over there again to deal with the aftermath of her death.  I know that sounds terrible, but we both agree that we don't need the added stress while cycling with our only frozen embryo.  And Vid has told me nay times recently how he "just wants it to be over", for her to pass on, for everyone's sake.  Of course that won't solve the issue of my father-in-law thinking his kids just need to obey him like they are 5 & everything will be ok,  but baby steps, right?

So, that's the plan for now.  Hopefully the luck of the Irish shines upon us!  May Vid have a relatively drama-free trip to India.  May we have a blast in Ireland.  May my mother-in-law pass quickly & in as drama-free a manner as possible.  And may Nemo make his/her appearance around this time next year as a happy, healthy baby.

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Rebecca said...

Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.