Monday, March 4, 2013

How safe are your fertility drugs?

Do you ever think about the safety of fertility drugs most of us spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on?  I'm not talking about the whole "ZOMG IVF = CANCER!" thing (which is still not proven either way), but the conditions under which they are compounded, mixed, etc.  Honestly, I never did.  

Then I saw this in the news:

And then this a few days later:


This is where my PIO came from which was part of the recall.  And now I wonder if we even had a chance with IVF #3 given all of this.  A friend of mine who was undergoing her final donor egg IVF around the same time I was cycling also got her meds from these guys.  She miscarried.  Were we both doomed from that first shot?  I'm so angry for every fellow infertile wondering those same things about now. 


kthappy76 said...

This is scary stuff (I was on compounded P4 for months), but honestly given the issues seem to be hygienic rather with the medicines' efficacy, I'd be a lot more worried about getting sick (hello meningitis) than it having a direct impact on the outcome of a cycle.

Rebecca said...

Pretty scary to think about.

MiddleMuse said...

That is such a scary thought... I always thought it was weird that some of the meds come in super-sealed packaging while others appear to be mixed by the pharmacy with various ingredients. Each time I got PIO at my pharmacy, it came in different packaging and often used different oils for dissolution. Scary...