Friday, June 28, 2013

Going 'au natural'

I talked to the doc & she is good with doing a natural FET.  Yay for no Lupron!  Unless my body manages to eff this up too, then we have no choice.  We'll be doing it in August since to do it in July would mean us maybe having to skip a free vacation in Cape Cod which I am not about to do. 
The sperm frag test is being ordered in the meantime but DH is kind of being a PITA about it & is waiting to talk to the doc about some ?s he has. Fine but really dude, after all the crap I've gone through testing & procedure wise you're going to give me a hard (get it?  ha!) time about jerking off a couple times?  Does he honestly think we're doing this for fun?  Like I actually want to spend another couple hundred bucks?  Dude: the doc said this was a logical next step in testing!  Men are such babies.

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Rebecca said...

I do agree with you on that. After all we women have gone through it can't hurt a guy to suffer a bit of embarrassment at having to give himself pleasure to get a test done.