Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The (not so great) girl give away!

A Pakistani game show has come under fire for giving away abandoned babies to infertile couples.  In cooperation with a local NGO, couples were vetted & registered to possibly become guardians of such children.  But, they went on said show unprepared & not knowing they were literally going to be handed a newborn girl.  According to the article:

The couple didn't know they would be handed a newborn when they were invited to take part in the show and paperwork was not processed before the live broadcast.  Adoption is not officially recognized in Pakistan and there is no adoption law. The couple will have to apply for guardianship at a family court.

Now I'm no expert on adoption in Pakistan (or the US for that matter) but doesn't this seem like putting the cart before the proverbial horse?  I mean, given the bad publicity this has received it's not outside the realm of possibility that a judge could deny guardianship.  And although I don't know these couples from Adam, my heart aches that they may thus have a baby placed in their arms only to have it taken away.  I've had friends in the US bring babies home only to have the birth mom change her mind.  Being infertile sucks in the US. Having married someone from more Westernized neighboring India where infertility is taboo, I cannot imagine the experience of childlessness in Pakistan. 

I think this article also touched me as someone who long before she married a man from South Asia felt a draw to adopt from there someday but not having any idea what the future held or what the adoption process is like.  I always thought I'd have a couple of bio kids & adopt a couple as well.  I wanted to be Angelina Jolie before it was cool!

So many beautiful little girls being abandoned (if not killed) simply for being female.  So few of them adopted if they are lucky enough to be rescued & grow up in a (not so great most times) orphanage & not die on the streets.  Since Vid was born & raised in India we can actually adopt from there too since the rules (unless they've changed them) state @ least 1 parent has to hold OCI.  If only I could figure out a way to get my hands on upwards of $40,000 & convince my husband it was a good idea.  Oh & that little thing about passing the screening process to prove that despite my Zoloft prescription, I am generally not crazy.  Hopefully they don't read this blog!


Rachael said...

(((hugs))) I wonder about my past use of IF-has-made-me-crazy pills as well, should adoption be our path that is. When you find that $40k, can you tell me where to look too? Because I'm sitting right next to you on that bus sister.

Rebecca said...

There is no way I could ever afford adoption though I've thought about it a few zillion times. If I were to adopt though it would just break my heart to then have the child taken away from me.

Hoping to be Hope's mama. said...

It is amazing how one's views change based on their predicament. I would imagine the negative vibe is not from anyone plagued by IF. Just watching that couple, I wanted the baby myself.
Like you, my heart breaks for the couple were they to lose this baby who has given them so much joy already! The sad thing is, if the judicial system were to deny them the adoption, this poor girl would end up in an overcrowded orphanage and her chance of success slashed in huge percentages. yikes.
Wouldnt it be a win win situation to keep the lil girl? uurgh!
This also behooves me why adoption is so damn pricey when the kids would be so happy in homes that are willing to give them anything and everything... oh the ways of the world!