Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sprem frag test results

Vid is home from India! And we have the results of his sperm frag test. They look @ 3 parameters: DNA integrity (fragmentation), the level of immature sperm (decondensed DNA) & damage from free radicals (oxidation). The 1st 2 he passed with flying colors. The last one he was in the border region. So, he will talk with the RE about antioxident supplements which may (or may not) help. While it's great he's not horribly MFI (his morph is low but everything else is ok) it also means we still really don't know WTF our problem is.
I had monitoring this morning & apparently I am about to hyperovulate. Makes sense I guess since there are fraternal twins on both sides of my family. I had 2 follicles @ over 20mm on my R ovary today. Who knows how often this happens?  Tomorrow is CD13 so that makes sense as that's my normal ovulation day. So not only can Vid's guys not manage to fertilize a single egg, but even when there are double the targets we still can't get pregnant!
Also, tomorrow after work I  meet with the accupuncturist for the 1st time to discuss what she will do.  She comes highly recommended & is part of a co-op that does a lot of work with infertility patients.  The plan is for me to see her both immediately before & after transfer, assuming Nemo thaws out ok & reanimates.

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