Monday, August 12, 2013


The hubs is en route to India as I type this.  I dropped him off @ Logan Airport earlier today. He'll be back in 2 weeks.  Not long @ all.  We've done this several times before.  Still, it's so quiet without him home.  On the plus side my house is clean & will remain so until the 27th.

No news yet on the sperm frag test.

I had my thyroid recheck last week as it's been a year since the last one.  My TSH is up to 2.1.  My RE likes to see it between 1 & 2 so of course my body would be all "Let's fuck with 'em!" & be right on the border.  So, she kicked me up to the next dosage & we'll retest in a few weeks.

Also in a few weeks?  Our FET.  Aunt Flo will likely be here Thursday or Friday which would put the transfer around Labor Day.  Hopefully my TSH is better by then.  I doubt she'd cancel me based on a 2.1 but @ this point I am all but convinced something will go wrong.  Will Nemo not survive the thaw?  Will my lining be out of sync?  Will blood rain from the sky or a plague of locusts descend upon us?  

Maybe all of the above.

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