Friday, January 17, 2014

Immunology bloodwork results

I received a phone call from Dr. B this afternoon.  Yes, he said 4-6 weeks for results & we only did the bloodwork 3 weeks ago.  What’s this, a doctor that calls you himself & does it sooner than the time frame given?  Be still my heart!
For the 1st time in almost 6 years of TTC I can finally utter these words: we have answers.
Starting off, my husband & I have some haplotype issues.  Specifically, the concerning one is we have a matching HLA type (AA haplotype).  Fascinating yet bizarre.  Genetically, we are quite different (he is Tamil, I am a mix of Portuguese, Hawaiian & Irish) so one would like Darwin’s theory of genetic diversity leading to fitness.  Guess not. 
The good news here though is our chromosomes are normal which I was slightly concerned about since Vid’s parents are second cousins.  Gotta love (or not, in reality; ha!) arranged marriage. 
I also have a high level of anti-nuclear antibodies & an 8.1 extended haplotype as well as TH2 dominance which point to my body attacking foreign bodies, a.k.a. embryos.  Also, based on the T2 he is recommending a repeat lap to check for endo as in his experience there is a huge correlation.  Given my testing positive for so many inflammatory immune things, he said he’d be remiss not to order it.  The dude he recommends is on Long Island so I will have to check with my insurance & pray it’ll just be a matter of an out of network co-pay.
My AMH is on the low end of normal @ .79.  According to all the charts I’ve seen on Dr. Google, that is about average for a 40 year old woman.  I will be 35 in 2 months.  It’s not low enough to be considered DOR but basically the sooner we get pregnant the better (no shit!) because when I am actually 40, we’d most certainly have to venture into donor eggs.  I have no interest (or funds) to do that.
The shocker: I have fucking celiac disease.  My husband, you know, the one who shits like a buffalo & has the gas to match whenever he eats anything with gluten?  Nope.  Totally odd.  He grew up in South India where it’s a rice-based diet & never has GI issues when he visits home & eats the traditional diet.  I’ve been begging him for years to get tested & he never has.  But now we know.  And I, the queen of carbs who has a gut of steel (seriously, I’ve eaten in some very shady road side stands in developing countries with no issue) has fucking celiac.  This was me today upon hearing the news:

I am so sad it’s pathetic.  I don’t want to live in a world without bagels or pizza.  Yes I know there are gluten free options out there but they’ve hella pricey & often taste like ass.  Alas, having a kid is more important @ this point than having a bowl of pasta.  And once I give birth, I am eating ALL THE CARBS in celebration!


Dipitie S said...

I'm so sorry :( I'm apparently allergic to wheat or gluten, and it know how sad I was. But then when I have an allergic reaction, it makes me not miss it anymore. Good luck

Liz said...

I'm so happy you went to see Dr. B. he gave us the answers we had searched for for years. I hope with his treatments you are as successful as we were. He really is a breath of fresh air. So, so, sorry about the celiac. The things we'll put ourselves through for babies.

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you finally got some answers. Maybe the next time you both venture into infertility treatments you'll have success!

I can haz babyz? said...

I am so happy he has uncovered some unanswered questions. Fingers crossed your new plan helps you and your DH bring home your take-home baby(ies).


Kate said...

Ugh, good to have some answers but sorry that it means more work for you. Celiac sounds like a huge nightmare, I love carbs too. There are a lot of options out there now, so hopefully it won't be so bad after the initial switching out of stuff. GL!!

Twitch - Lynne said...

So glad to hear you finally have answers. I understand the celiac frustration. I'm not celiac, but I have a major gluten intolerance. It freaked me out at first, but after 3 years it gets easy lol. I highly recommend checking out brown rice or quinoa pasta. Hubs can't tell the difference between those and typical pasta.
My favorite gluten free blogger is Leanne at . She's got hundreds of amazing recipes!