Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I can haz kitteh

My mom came to take Romeo out for a walk last night & found 1 of the stray kittens stuck between our fence & our neighbor's. She rescued it & put it in our bathroom; I stopped @ the grocery store on the way home & bought some kitty stuff (food, etc.). She said it was shivering cold & it snuggled up in her armpit. It hid under our clawfoot bathtub for a few hours & came out when I gave it food. It climbed up my leg & buried its head in my armpit it which I took as a good sign.

I called this morning & got an appointment @ the vets for tonight. It's a boy; we named him Chilly since he was so cold when we found him. The vet thinks he's about 5 weeks old; far too little to be out in the cold winter on his own. He was well behaved @ the appointment & the vet said he looks pretty healthy. He goes back @ the end of the month for his first series of vaccinations.

Our dog is very accepting of the new addition. They played for a bit tonight (the vet said it's fine for them to be in contact with each other since my dog is up to date on his vaccinations) & are now sleeping side by side on the couch.

Tomorrow I will call some rescue groups to see if I can get some humane traps & try to gather up his littermates. I obviously can't keep them all but there are several no-kill shelters around here who would take them in a heartbeat, especially if they're as sweet as Chilly.

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Daphne said...

Awwwww... that kitty's so cute! I wish my DH wasn't 'allergic' (read: just doesn't really like cats). I miss having kitties!