Friday, March 27, 2009

"Where the hell have you been?"

While I doubt I have any cyber stalkers out there, I know of at least a dozen people in real life & on the interwebs that read this blog. So to get everyone caught up on where the hell I've been, I'll make it short & sweet.

The good:
  • We've started looking at houses. We will hopefully be in a place by the time our lease runs out @ the end of August.
  • We had a good time in Florida despite what you will read below.
  • I'm back in school, taking 2 night courses in an international business program. The best part is it's free since Vid is a prof in a different dept. @ the university.
  • I'm starting a new job next month. My commute will go from 31 miles each way to 4 miles each way. And that's not the only awesome thing about this new gig.
  • My blood work is completely normal; no sign of PCOS or any other reproductive issues. Not too surprising given my clockwork 27-28 day cycles, though.
The bad:
  • My aunt who we were supposed to be visiting in Florida had a brain aneurysm & died about a week before we went down there. We're still in shock; she was only 60 & in good health.
  • Vid's sperm analysis results came back with his motility being low (49%; it should be at least 60%) & his morphology being borderline low. He will probably be sent for a 2nd test & at that point unless the results are vastly better we will be referred to a fertility specialist.
So basically, things are good except for the TTC thing. I should be ovulating in the next couple of days which means I will either get a positive pregnancy test for my 30th birthday or my period since "Ye Olde" will be due about that time (in 16 days). All I can say is I love my husband, my dog, my cat & my Zoloft prescription. :)

And I promise not to disappear for 2 months again!

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Daphne said...

Welcome back :)