Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monsoon season

We got 3 inches of rain yesterday. Today, there were scattered showers on & off; it's supposed to rain in one form or another through the weekend. Vid says it's like monsoon season back home; August is the rainiest month in southern India. As the saying goes: April showers bring May flowers. Shit; that means allergy season is right around the corner! Anyways...

I am jonesin' that my last day @ my current job is next week; I haven't been this excited since I was 6, it was December & still believed in Santa Claus. And because of this, wouldn't you know it feels like time is just d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g!

To make matters worse, I am currently in what is known in the world of women trying to conceive (TTC) as the "two week wait". Basically, I am obsessing over every.little.thing my body does, looking for clues that I may finally be pregnant after 9 cycles of trying. After 9 cycles, though, I must confess: I am not expecting any good news, especially with the test results my husband was given recently. I never expected to get pregnant right away when we started this journey, but now that we're coming to the end of cycle 9 I suddenly realized: if we had gotten pregnant right away, I could be going into labor any day now. And that thought scares the heck out of me. But it also makes me a bit sad to know we've been @ it that long with nada, even when I know many women try for even longer & still get nothing.

Because of my not managing to get knocked up yet, Vid & I are toying with the idea of maybe going to India this summer. I've never been & he hasn't been home since he came to the US for grad school 8 years ago. I've never met any of his extended relatives. I really want to meet his grandmothers, who are both in their 90s; they've seen India go from colony to emerging super power & I would love to get them on video talking about their experiences for our future children. I have video of my great grandfather who fought with the IRA when he was interviewed as a consultant on the movie Michael Collins; I love that I can still see him & hear his thick Irish brogue even though he has been gone for 7 years now.

If we do India, it will probably be for 2 weeks in August. Yes, I am aware it is monsoon season, but that's half the fun! I can't take vacation time until July anyways since I am starting a new job (Did I mention that I'm starting a new job? Because I am!) & if Vid teaches any courses this summer that would be the only time we could do it. If I'm actually pregnant as I type this (we'll find out next week) I don't know how I'd feel about flying that far being 20-something weeks along. Then again, a lot of women say the 2nd trimester is the best time to have a "babymoon"; during the 1st trimester there tends to be a whole lotta pukin' goin' on. Of course, this is all speculation; having been a condom Nazi until I met my husband & on The Pill during several relationships in college & grad school, I've never had an "Oh shit, I'm pregnant!" moment.

Some of you may think I'm nuts for considering travel to a "developing country" while possibly pregnant. Keep in mind I've done a lot of traveling & living in low resource countries; actually, where I'd be in India would be like going to Beverly Hills when compared to my living conditions in Niger, where I pumped my own water & had no flush toilet for a summer. Despite this, my mother still thinks I'm nuts. And if God forbid anything should happen, well, that's why you buy travel insurance!

So I don't know what to think. Do I want to go to India? If we can swing it schedule wise & financially, absolutely! If I'm pregnant, will I feel well enough to enjoy it? I have no idea. If I'm not pregnant, will I still enjoy it? Yes & maybe this time we'll actually get a souvenir out of the trip since we didn't when we went to Florida last month. If not, by the time we would be getting back we'll most certainly be seeing a specialist for help as it will be past the year mark by then. Indeed, time flies, but it seems to drag @ the same time.

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Daphne said...

Keep in mind that if you go to India, you'll need to take anti-malaria pills which I was told you shouldn't take during pregnancy. In fact, I was told that I would have to wait 2 months after taking the pills to even start TTC because they're so rough on your system. Which is why we cancelled our India trip last November. And especially during Monsoon season, you can't skip out on the anti-malaria pills.