Thursday, August 27, 2009

I already have a child; his name is Vid

IF truly is a different world. Sometimes, it's hard to keep a sense of humor when it seems the whole world gets pregnant easily. Especially people who have no business having kids. I've found several message boards online to be very helpful. I've also begun reading a couple of humorous IF books but IMHO there's not nearly enough books in this genre. My husband always says I should write a book; maybe I should?

Speaking of my husband, he continues to be my rock through all of this. Sometimes his childlike innocence is annoying; other times, it's just what I need to keep from screaming or crying. A perfect example of this is @ my IUI.

As I'm laying there with my legs in stirrups & my vajayjay facing skyward, he decides to explore the office a bit. He gets out the stethoscope & listens to his heart & mine, being sure to also check my stomach for a heartbeat since he's so certain I'm pregnant. I don't have the heart to tell him it takes sometimes 8 weeks for doctors to find a heartbeat using a doppler. He picks up a speculum & starts making it "talk". I tell him I'm going to have him committed if he keeps it up. Then he starts to play with the blood pressure cuff, pumping it up til the bladder explodes & goes shooting out of the sleeve across the room. I want to kill him but I'm too busy laughing @ the same time. He was very worried the nurse would come in & yell @ him.

Tell me your husband does the same weird stuff, please!

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Mrs. M317 said...

Mine does! He had like 20 stitches taken out of his face and he insisted on taking the video camera into the room to tape the event. Oh, men (or should I say boys?) LOL