Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More poking & prodding

Today is CD 3 (cycle day 3) which meant more bloodwork & my first ever trans-vaginal ultrasound. The ultrasound took all of 2 minutes. Either the tech was really good or my mom was full of shit when she told me it felt like the instrument was going to go up through her stomach & out her mouth. Anyways, it was really neat to see my uterus & ovaries yet again; the tech said they looked normal. My bloodwork, however, is still showing borderline E2 (estrogen) & FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) which are signs of PCOS.

My "box of fun" arrived in the mail yesterday. I neglected to tell my hubby about it & he called me @ work wondering what the hell the UPS guy was talking about when he told him it needed to be refrigerated. I start Clomid tonight & my Ovidrel injection is ironically sitting in the fridge next to the eggs. I'm really hoping God will have mercy on me & spare me of any fun Clomid side effects on vacation, especially hot flashes, since we are leaving for Las Vegas on Friday. I just keep reminding myself it'll all be worth it someday...hopefully...

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