Friday, July 24, 2009

Time for a second opinion

I went to another RE yesterday for a second opinion because being dismissed the way I was by the 1st one just didn't sit right. Boy am I glad I didn't just sit down & shut up! Here's the lowdown on what happened:
In looking @ my bloodwork my CD3 estradiol was on the high side of normal. Also, although my fasting glucose was fine, my insulin production was also on the high side of normal. She asked if I had had my thyroid checked & I told her no, so she's checking that, especially after I told her that my father's mother has had a thyroid issue for most of her life.
They took 8 vials of blood from me & 2 from Vid. He was very nervous as usual but did fine, unlike the guy before him who passed out cold. I have a date with the "dildo cam" (transvaginal ultrasound) next CD 3. I told her we are going to Vegas & may be there for CD3; she said she might be able to arrange to have it done out there. This will make for a very memorable vacation!
Her theory is although it looks like I ovulate according to my charts & OPKs I may be surging in several waves throughout my cycles & not be experienceing "quality ovulation" which would explain why our perfect timing every cycle has always resulted in BFNs. I don't have the classic PCOS signs (body hair, acne, etc.) I am obese & my borderline insulin levels make her want to explore this possibility more, hence the dildo cam & more bloodwork.
In the meantime I've been put on Metformin which will help regulate my insuling levels & in turn may help me with the weight loss. She does not think the medical liquid diet would give me good long term outcomes & instead recommended going back on Weight Watchers or South Beach since as a vegetarian they have lots of options & would teach me how to eat food properly rather than jus drink it. Thank God! Although my dad lost 80 lbs. on the medical liquid diet, I tasted the shakes & they were just plain awful.
Once the dildo cam is done & the all clear is given, I'll be doing a monitored Clomid cycle with a Ovidrel trigger & IUI. If you know what that means, you've probably been through it before; if not, consider yourself lucky that you got pregnant the old fashioned way.


Mrs. M317 said...

I'm so happy you got a second opinion! Good Luck with this next round of tests!

Melaina25 said...

That's great! If you have any questions about South Beach let me know.

I did it last year and lost 50lbs. The first 2 weeks are a bit tough (no fruit or grains) but after that it is easy!

My DH is veggie, so we had a lot of veggie SB meals.

sulfababy said...

That's great that you got a second opinion. You have to be your own advocate, and it's important to feel comfortable with your doctor's decisions. Good luck. :)

k-mart said...

I'm so glad she is looking into everything. Sounds like a great move. And I agree that the diet should be more permanent and not just a few week thing. I'm so happy you are headed in a better direction and you don't have to wait months to try!

The Quarke Family said...

That sounds much better. Enjoy Vegas ...!