Monday, September 21, 2009


I had yet another IUI this weekend. I started the Clomid a day earlier & went in for monitoring a day later than last cycle per my instructions. I had 5 follies, 4 of which were measuring 20mm or above, which is where they want to see them. The nurse, of course, warned me of the risk of multiples; I assured her we would welcome twins with open arms.

While sitting in the waiting room for the IUI I saw a little girl with a large, heavily tattooed man. I know some RE practices don't allow kids because it's hard for some IF girls to deal with the site of a baby when they're finding out yet another cycle is a BFN. I haven't gotten to that point yet & hope to God I never do. Normally I don't break the "code of silence" that seems to be pervasive in the RE office among patients but this little girl was sooooo cute; she reminded me of my little sister @ about 1 year of age with her big blue eyes, pigtails sticking out from either side of her hed & sucking on a pacifier.

I asked her "Did you come from here?" & her dad said she indeed did; they were back to try for another child. I told him where we were in our journey & he told me about theirs. They had been through 8 failed IUIs of varying degrees & 2 failed 3 day IVF transfers before finally having a successful 5 day IVF transfer. His daughter was originally a twin but her brother died in utero late in the 3rd trimester, his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. Even after all they had been through, he had a smile on his face.

Just as he was finishing telling me his story I was called into the back as his wife came out of the door I was heading into. I wished him luck & he did the same. Hearing stories like that give me hope. Who knows, maybe we'll both get lucky?

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