Friday, January 22, 2010


BFN Wednesday, WTF appointment yesterday, AF today...

Guess who's now insulin resistant (IR)? Me. I was borderline when I started seeing my RE last year & she re-checked it this last beta day. She's thinking it's an implantation issue due to the IR given my follies responded well to both the Clomid & Follistim & my lining is fine. She doesn't want to do a lap @ this point because my ute is "textbook". Ironically, I've lost 24 lbs. since starting to see her (she weighed me). So I guess losing weight to get healthy = IR. She did say she was proud of me for losing weight @ a healthy pace & to keep up the good work.

At any rate, the plan is to have me take 2000mg of Metformin ER a day & see her in March (about 8 weeks) for a f/u. Then, we'll do more b/w & see what's up. If my levels are better & I haven't gotten a miracle BFP we will probably do another couple injectible IUIs. If not, we break out the big guns: IVF. So that's the plan & having a plan is a good thing.

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