Monday, January 11, 2010

Sienfeld had it right!

Aaaaah, Facebook. So many pictures of cutesy wootsey wittle babies! Too bad none of them are mine. And so.many.sonograms. And belly pics. And comments about how "suprised" they were to get pregnant on the first try.

*sigh* and *gag me with a spoon*

I hate that infertility has made me bitter. Even now in the 2 week wait when I actually have a tiny sliver of hope I can taste the bitterness. And don't give me the "when you're pregnant and/or a mother you'll understand"; it just pisses me off more. But I am trying to keep my sarcastic sense of humor. And so, I give you a Sienfeld clip that sums up my feelings of late:

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Mrs. M317 said...

I LOVE Seinfeld. This clip is right up there with the "ugly baby" episode... heehee, just what I needed this afternoon!