Monday, June 14, 2010

I've reached a new low.

I had 3 Dollar Store pregnancy tests in the bathroom vanity last cycle. Normally, I start testing about 12 DPO or so, because miracles do occur, or at least that's what I've heard. But this past cycle, for the first time in the 2 years we've been TTC, I didn't POAS. My husband, who is just as eager to see what a positive pregnancy test looks like as I am, begged me to take one. After all, we had great timing, like always, which has yielded nada. I informed him my new rule is no POAS unless & until I reach CD 30 as my normal cycles are 27-29 days long. And wouldn't ya know on CD 28 AF arrived like clockwork yet again. So the tests are still in the vanity, waiting for a time when I get to see a CD 30. Their expiration date is at the end of 2011; hopefully I get to use them by then & get a happy result for a change.

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