Thursday, June 10, 2010

My grandma has a dirty mind

My dad's parents have had a couple of weeks @ a timeshare on Cape Cod every summer since I was a baby. Growing up, we'd go every year & as I got into college & grad school I'd try to go down for a long weekend or 2. With my grandpa's passing in February I wasn't sure if my grandma was going to keep it or sell it. And with work being crazy (moreso than the usual psych ward stuff) I need a vacation but don't want to spend a ton of money given how much we may be forking over to do IVF later this year. If we went to Cape Cod, we wouldn't have to pay for hotel (which is hella pricey) since we'd stay @ the timeshare. We could just go grocery shopping as it's a full house & save $ that way too.
So I called my grandma to see about going down next month & she said she was planning on keeping the timeshare indefinitely since the whole family uses it. I told her we'd be willing to camp on the pull-out sofa in the living room if anyone else was coming & wanted the bedroom with the 2 twin beds. Even though grandpa is gone, she still would sleep in the master bed. At 82, she can do whatever she wants, right?
The next day grandma calls me back & says my divorced uncle & his 14 year old son are coming too but she told them to stay in the living room. I told her we'd be glad to stay in the living room, but she insisted, stating, "Well, I thought you guys might want some privacy. You know, you can push the 2 twin beds together. I mean, in case you needed to fool around."
Do you think she's dropping a hint that she wants to become a great grandmother?

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