Friday, October 22, 2010

Example of how God has nothing to do with my being infertile

My mother calls me last night & asks if I'm sitting down. I think "oh God who else is effing knocked up" but she assures me this is not the reason for her call. Rather, she has a story to share.

I have a cousin, S., who is 28, unmarried, living with an unemployed abusive boyfriend, gets numerous forms of gov't assistance, is anorexic & somehow still has 3 kids. She works as an "exotic dancer" (a.k.a stripper) @ one of the many shady places in our fine capital city. Of course, she is not on the books (no W2 filled out, etc.) with this gig.

Her sister, K., is actually normal (married with a 2 year old, one on the way & has a job) & she calls on her ALL.THE.FARKING.TIME because she cannot function. So when S calls K the other day to see if she can pick up her oldest kid from lst grade (btw, child is 7 & wasn't potty trained til 5) because she's @ the hospital K doesn't blink & simply asks "Oh is one of the other kids sick?". S's reply:

"No; they think I fractured my ankle or something. I fell off the pole when I was dancing & landed weird on my ankle."

It was @ this point I ran to the bathroom before I p!ssed myself from laughing too hard.

But seriously, how the hell does she get 3 & I can't even get 1?!?! This is why it makes me want to cut a bitch whenever people say "Maybe it's not in God's plans for you to have children." Really? I have a wonderful husband who would be a spectacular father. We're both employed. We're educated. We aren't on crack or selling our bodies to strangers. So WTF is the problem? God does not "plan" to give flaming idiots children to eff up; at least not the God I grew up hearing about. It's all a matter of luck. And I'm apparently just not very lucky.


kthappy76 said...

Amen sister.

Heather Cara said...

My God does not purposely hurt us!!