Thursday, October 7, 2010

"I hate her uterus"

The RSC (Reproductive Science Center) of New England (which my RE was affiliated with before moving out on her own last month) has recently launched a series of commercials designed to speak to the untold thousands of women in the area who are having trouble getting pregnant. This website , featuring a man dressed as a bee & a woman dressed as a bird (get it? hahaha!) has 5 commercials in total; below I posted my personal fave, since finding out the whole planet is pregnant seems to be my thing lately. It's nice to have something both educational & funny out there for those dealing with infertility. Enjoy!

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The Gist Fam said...

Clicked on your blog from Stirrup Queen's blogroll. Love the video! So been there (and still there), so thanks for posting it! Best of luck!