Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thoughts on the IVF Nobel Prize

The 2010 Nobel Prize for medicine went to the guy who developed IVF. Awesome! Of course, the 1st IVF baby was born a few months before I was, so it isn't exactly a new technology. Still, I hope this award will help educate people that not everyone is a "fertile myrtle" & there are amazing options for people who need help conceiving.

Of course, The Vatican has a problem with this. Needless to say I differ with the Catholic Church on its teaching that conception should only be the product of intimacy between a husband & wife. What us infertiles wouldn't give to just get pregnant by having sex with our spouse! Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way for everyone. If we need to do IVF to have children, I should hope the Catholic Church wouldn't look down upon our offspring as being any less worthy of life & love.

After all, Jesus himself wasn't born of sexual relations.

Just sayin'.

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Life with Bristol said...

I agree completely. I think how some babies are conceived shouldn't be anyone's business but the parents. I haven't had the change to ask, but from my personal experience Jesus has bigger things to worry about.