Tuesday, December 21, 2010

IVF consult update

Aunt Flo came to town right on schedule in the wee hours of Monday morning. On a whim, I called my RE's office yesterday to see if they happened to have any last minute appointments available this week since I was sure we'd need to do the usual CD3 bloodwork before anything else could be done. Lo & behold, they had a cancellation this afternoon.

So we sat with my doctor & her nurse (not the same one from her old office but she seems nice) for about an hour & chatted about what's happened since my last IUI over 6 months ago. Since it's been 1 1/2 years since I had an HSG & about the same amount of time since Vid has had an SA those tests need to be repeated in order for us to get our insurance to pay their part. My 1st HSG wasn't bad; just a wee bit of cramping. I'm scheduled to get that done next week. I have to call the urologist in the morning to schedule the SA. Yes, me. Because my husband says he will do it, but after almost 3 years of marriage I know better by now than to believe that he won't misplace the paperwork for it. All I can say is he's lucky he's cute.

Additionally, I need to have an anesthesia test done as I'm over a certain BMI per the protocol of medical center where the IVF procedures will be taking place. Basically, it's to make sure they won't have any problems if they need to intubate me for some reason during ER or ET. My RE doesn't see me having any issue with passing this test, especially since I was knocked out for my lap just 4 months ago & had no problems. And besides being obese, I have no medical issues. But rules are rules & so ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

My RE says I've done great with the weight loss & to keep it up but she doesn't see it affecting the quality or quantity of my eggs given I've responded fine to stims for past IUIs. So long as my ovaries "pop up well" (her words; LOL), meaning they are easy to see for monitoring purposes, she has no problem with us doing IVF. Yet again, she had no problem seeing anything for the IUIs so we should be ok.

Before we left Vid & I both had bloodwork done. 8 vials for me, 2 for him. And yes, I had to hold his hand so he wouldn't pass out. Hey, whatever gets us that much closer to parenthood, I'm good with.

So far as what my protocol will be, it depends on what the test results show. My RE thinks so long as everything is ok, & she sees no reason it won't be, I'd likely go on BCPs & then a low & slow Lupron stim regimen. Of course, we'll sit down with a calendar & go over things in more detail before starting but I like having a clue on what to expect.

I'm excited, hopeful & terrified all @ once!


Mrs. M317 said...

I'm so excited for you! You and the hubs will be in my thoughts :)

G said...

I'm glad they don't see any roadblocks for you guys. I hope you're able to move forward on schedule!


ADSchill said...

I am all ears! I am anxious to hear what protocol you will be one and how you feel on it. These are all things I wonder about for myself in the near future.
Good luck!


kthappy76 said...

Sounds good! I can't wait to hear how things go for you guys. GL!! LOL, my S is just like yours... ;)

Kerrik said...

sounds like a plan. Wishing you lots of luck!