Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ooooh, Amber...*tsk* *tsk* *tsk* & SMDH

On behalf of the vast majority of humanity, I pray to the Lord above that this is not true.

I know, you're probably thinking "Why the f@#% do you torture yourself watching that program?"; I often wonder this too. I really only watched the 1st season of "16 & Pregnant" & that cast as "Teen Mom"; I have only seen short bits & pieces of the latest seasons.

Of the couples on that show, I've long found it ironic that the ones who were the most mature about their situation, Kaitlyn & Tyler, were also the ones who actually thought of their child's future & decided it was best to put her up for adoption. I can't even imagine how hard that must've been; kudos to them.

Amber, on the other hand...

Yeah, I totally called it. If it's true she's pregnant AGAIN (Star Magazine hasn't won any Pulitzers lately, has it?) it just adds credence to my theory that God has nothing to do with who gets knocked up @ the drop of a hat & who does not. But apparently Amber thinks this may all just be meant to be:

To make a bad situation worse, troubled Amber has been with so many guys in the past three months, she has no idea who the father could be. Amber is hoping that her ex-fiancé Gary Shirley turns out to be the father, says the insider. "She thinks they're meant to be together."

First off, BARF @ being with "so many guys in the past 3 months", & if you're going to turn your vajayjay into Grand Central Station, then USE PROTECTION! You'd think she'd have learned this after, oh, I dunno, SHE GOT PREGNANT THE FIRST TIME.

Second, hoping this child is your ex's because "she thinks they've meant to be together": NO IT DOES NOT MEAN THIS. Has she not watched her own show? If you look up "abusive relationship" in the dictionary, their picture is there. She needs some serious psychiatric help (speaking as someone who works in psych research & also goes to therapy thanks to infertility) & he needs to RUN AWAY until she gets some. Think about the well being of the kid you already have, FFS!

Finally, I don't like criticizing people's appearances as I am no supermodel, but that orange glow tan? NO. Maybe she's hoping to land a guest spot on "Jersey Shore" or something? Whaddyathink?:

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ADSchill said...

I only watched a couple of shows too and have seen footage of her crazy ass. And I agree. She needs help and to stop having kids.

Leave it to the grown-ups honey.