Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tempus fugit

We spent New Year's Eve @ a family friend's house party. It was a nice time; only about a dozen people, good food & plenty of drink which Vid took advantage of per usual. I had my obligatory glass of red wine & then stuck to water for the evening as even though we were maybe 2 miles from our place I still needed to play the designated driver.

So here we are: 2011. Not even 48 hours in. Do I dare to hope? Or do I look @ our track record & count us out already? I'm not sure. Would it be weird to make my resolution this year to give birth? We don't really have much time; only 3-4 more cycles & then we're looking @ a 2012 baby. I laugh (and then cry) when I think about the fact we were shooting for a 2009 baby when we first started trying to get pregnant. Tempus fugit.

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