Friday, October 28, 2011

Resolve of the Bay State's "Infertility Is" Blog Contest Entry

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Infertility is...

Hoping cycle after cycle to see this:

But only getting this:

Infertility is...

Spending all your money on this:

Which means you can't afford to buy one of these:

Infertility is...

Finding another one of these in your mailbox (from someone who got married 2 years after you):

And wishing you could send out one of these (because infertility is expensive):

Infertility is...

Having to make another trip to "infertile hell" (a.k.a. Babies R Us) & being greeted by a sign like this:

And thinking with all the bloating you're experiencing from the meds you're on they really should have one of these instead:

Infertility is...

Wanting to hide @ the holidays because of cards like this:

And having to stop yourself from sending out a card like this in reply:

But infertility is also...

That we may eventually see:

And get to experience this:

And finally take home one of these (who looks JUST like my husband!):

But above all, infertility IS NOT going to win!