Monday, October 3, 2011

Apples, pumpkins & other produce

Fall was (is?) my favorite season. I love to see the leaves changing colors here in New England. I love that it brings the start of both American football & ice hockey seasons. I love the cooler temperatures. And I love all the flowers & grasses dying (I have really bad allergies).

I also love going apple & pumpkin picking. It's something we've done every year since I can remember. Since Vid has come into the family he's gotten into the tradition too, although I try to tell him "sampling" is not allowed:

This year, we did not go.

I couldn't do it. Too many friends posting on Facebook about which orchard they were bringing their kids to, or sharing photos of little Mary (or whoever) dressed as a pumpkin sitting next to one looking all cute & such with her vegetable twin. I knew the orchards & fields would be filled with happy little families, yet another reminder of what I may never have. Not to mention all the pregnant bellies the size of pumpkins I'd have to witness. So, I saved myself yet another a cathartic cry in a port-a-potty @ the farm & stayed home.

Think there's a "pick-your-own broccoli" place out there for us infertiles? Surely no child in their right mind would want to pick that!


cjdubs13 said...

I am sorry you did not do one of your favorite activities. I blocked a many of friends to save myself from reading those posts. Hugs to you. Try going to an orchard in the middle of the week when it may be less crowded or just field trips of schools.

Sarra said...

It's so unfair that this is even something you have to deal with, but I totally get it. I've stopped reading facebook all together. It's just too painful. It sucks to miss out on things you enjoy though. Haven't we already lost enough? I'm so sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scrambled! I'm a scrambled, too :)

I am so sorry you missed a favorite tradition. I know it is tremendously hard, but is it not important we hold on to these things that are such integral parts of our character? I have been reading about sympathetic joy lately ( and try to keep this in mind when I'm surrounded by other peoples happiness (families). It is just a thought... Maybe there is still time for picking apples? I hear pies are divine no matter what your family status!

Rachel said...

Oh I SOOOO hear you. I'm a huge autumn and apple picking fan, but I know exactly how it will go...we'll get there and I will spend the entire day making snarky comments about how many 18 year olds with kids are there, or how some women can get knocked up from having sex once. And I'll feel like I sound bitter (which I kinda do) and feel badly that my husband has to put up with me. Good times! :D :(