Wednesday, April 18, 2012

House hunting while infertile

We're once again actively looking @ houses after putting it on the back burner last year when we had to buy a new car & make an emergency trip to India. While we love our rental (2 bed 1 bath with a full basement & side yard; it's a duplex on a dead end street & our awesome landlord lives next door) we could totally buy with what we pay in rent. We're looking @ 3/4 bed, 2 bath houses so we're not talking mansions, btw.  And most of them are estate or short sales since we're not in a super hurry (our lease isn't actually up til February) & we want the most bang for our buck possible

Still, every house we look @ makes me sad when I look @ all the empty bedrooms & big yards, especially when the realtor makes a comment about things like "and the yard's plenty big enough for a swingset". Gee, thanks for the reminder we may never have an opportunity to put up a swingset. I guess the fact we're a married couple in our 30s = we must have kids or pregnant by now.  And of course my favorite house of the 8 we looked at this past Sunday was right behind an elementary school.  Infertile gated communities, anyone? 

I've toyed with the idea of looking @ condos since we technically don't need a ton of room for the 2 of us. But a yard is kind of needed since we have a dog. Plus, the condo market is way overpriced here.  And then there's that annoying little voice that whispers "the next IVF might just work & then you'd need more room".  Ah hope, you are so annoying sometimes! 


Liz said...

We bought a house when we just just starting TTC. We live within walking distance to the elementary school and the best playground in town. Now it just serves as a constant reminder of what we don't have.

Hoping you find something that serves your needs best.

Rebecca said...

Since I live on a military installation you can guess that I see fertile women every day on my walk to the mail box. Children walk by my house on the way to and from school since the school is at the end of my street almost. Its hard and yes a gated community for infertiles, though you were probably jesting, isn't such a bad idea.

kthappy76 said...

This is so hard. We bought our "family" house just before we got engaged (6 1/2 yrs ago) and thought we'd outgrow it in seven, but naively had no idea how long it would take us to fill all those rooms. The good news for you is it's a buyer's market, so you just need to decide if you want to move again or find something you can settle into for the long haul. GL!

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