Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stoopid uterus

Well, Aunt Flo arrived on Tuesday as scheduled so goodbye any hope of a miracle 2012 baby.  I'm so sick of this shit.  Why do I have to have my period ever 4 weeks?  I'm actually kind of jealous of the infertile women I know who don't get to ride the cotton pony without the help of Provera.  I'd love an irregular cycle so I don't have a clue when I ovulate (even if it is a crappy egg) & can therefore not have a clue when I may or may not be having sex during fertile time with my husband.  

I'm kind of looking forward to menopause so there is no hope left.  Isn't that sad?  Of course, that could be another 2 decades away.  Great.  My mother who turned 56 the day I turned 33 (yes, we share the same birthday; very cool)  still has the same random cycles she's always had.  Granted they're a bit more random than usual, but even with them she had no problems getting pregnant. Her mother (my grandma) did the usual Irish Catholic thing & popped out 7 kids before her periods just randomly stopped in her mid 40s.  So maybe I've only got a decade left?  And let's not forget my sister, the one who is 6 mos pregnant, has never paid attention to her cycles, so naturally she got pregnant with no effort at all.  I, on the other hand, have had 27-28 day cycles since coming off BCPs 4 years ago & am still not pregnant.  

I hate my uterus.


mommy someday said...

(hugs) I'm sorry you are feeling down.
Stopping by to let you know that I was tagged with the Lovely Blog award and have passed it along to you. :-)

P.S. it would be great to be able to leave comments without proving I am not a robot. I have such a hard time reading those little suckers.

Rebecca said...

Its so not fair. (((( hugs ))))