Sunday, April 8, 2012

Infertility (as seen on TV)

Know how Facebook always annoingly suggests you buy a fertility monitor or better yet, diapers whenever you post anything about infertility?  Well, I got a new one the other day.  Apparently someone is shopping around a script for a TV pilot called Fertile Ground:

An original comedy that revolves around a brilliant, arrogant fertility doctor who doesn't like her patients. In fact, she only recognizes them by their vaginas.

She co-owns a successful fertility clinic and she’s competitive, successful but her big blind spot is men and the latest has just taken all of her money and moved to Costa Rica. But he’s left her a little present. We find out at the end of the pilot episode that the least motherly woman on the planet is pregnant.

So she's stuck in a job she used to love but she’s broke, burned out and knocked up. As she decides whether or not to keep the baby, she starts to realize that her patients are actual people she has her hands on, literally and figuratively, and that her co-workers and even her patients are kind of like a dysfunctional family of sorts. Something she’s never really thought about. The staff loves to antagonize her, her passive aggressive clinic partner wants her job, the new doctor wants to sleep with her, etc, etc.

Because of her own struggle, she starts to open up to her own quirky patients that appear in their own three-episode arc about their absurd, hilarious but sometimes achingly real experiences.

This has the potential to be very bad (or very good, but I don't have much hope) should it ever make it on air.  Has anyone else heard about this?


Rebecca said...

Nope. This is the first I've heard of it. Not sure, if it make the air, that I'd even want to watch it.

CRN said...

Haven't heard of it either. But, i did just find your blog and get DX with PCOS. Happy to find another blog to read.

Sunny said...

Haven't heard of it yet, either. Are you in USA or Aus?
Somehow, even the premise of this new show has me annoyed. Why make the doctor at the fertility clinic pregnant and then question to keep the baby???? That alone is going to get a lot of us infertiles cranky. But hey, maybe that's the point?!??!