Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FET, IVF, WTF, FML, etc.

With summer unofficially over, it's back to the grind for Vid.  He's back teaching 2@ one university & being a PhD student @ another as of today.  I told him as I left for work this morning, "See you in December" since our schedules (I'm also in school part time while working full time) mean we are 2 ships passing in the night for the most part. 

Although that's not entirely accurate though since we've booked a trip to Montreal the week of Thanksgiving using a Living Social deal.  It's driving distance (about 6 hours) which is nice.  Vid has never been to Montreal & I haven't been since high school (over 15 years ago).  Thus we are successfully avoiding spending the holiday with relatives for the 4th straight year.  WINNING!  2009: India.  2010: Las Vegas.  2011: Vid had surgery the day before so we stayed home so he could rest.  And finally 2012: Oh Canada!

As for Christmas, I am unsure of our ability to avoid it as well.  I feel terrible for thinking it but I'm not looking forward to all the "Baby's 1st Christmas" crap that will be bestowed upon my nephew.  I'm thinking our out may be IVF#3 which we'd likely undertake upon our return from Canada.  I may just have to be on post-ET bed rest for the birth of Our Lord & Savior, if you catch my drift...

Of course at this point we're not really sure about doing an FET with our lone frosty versus a fresh IVF cycle so the above scenario is hearsay.  I'd kind of like to hold on to the frosty as an insurance policy but an FET is so much less invasive, not to mention cheaper.  If we did an FET, it'd likely be next month so we could still fit in another IVF by the end of the year in case of yet another BFN with the FET.  Not that we *need* to cycle before the end of the year for any particular reason, other than that I'm sick of this shit & something's gotta work eventually for Christ's sake. 

And I want to get back on the healthy wagon before another IVF cycle.  Speaking of which, if you own stock in Ben & Jerry's, you're welcome; these past 2 weeks since the BFN have been atrocious for me diet-wise.  Anywho, financially we'd also need to do a bit of tweaking & planning before another IVF.  And then there's the vacation we booked to relax before the insanity of maybe cycling starts again.

Yes, my head is full & my thoughts are racing.  I'll re-hash most of the above with my RE when we meet next week to discuss options.  I cannot wait for the day my life isn't @ the mercy of my reproductive organs & instead I am ruled by a small human who shares half of my chromosones.  Please pass the Xanax.


Rebecca said...

Sorry to say that I do understand and the xanax joke made me chuckle. I too would rather have my life at the mercy of a child rather than my reproductive organs. Here is hoping that soon you'll be knocked up.

I can haz babyz? said...

I hear you! Sharing a life with babies would be much more pleasant than a life revolving around RE's, U/S, artificial hormones and Beta's! I wish you a wonderful vacation. GL with your decision!

Amanda S said...

As hard as being parent is, I also can't wait until those are my challenges, and not figuring out how to pay for IF treatments and scheduling a bazillion doctor's appointments!