Monday, October 15, 2012


My parents got a wedding invitation in the mail Saturday.  My cousin (well, dad's cousin's daughter) is getting married twice next year.  Her fiance is from Lithuania & they're having a destination wedding in Jamaica  next May as well as a traditional Lithuanian wedding back in his home town in August.  And while most normal people would say "All inclusive?  Count me in!" I was like "Lithuania"  How cool!".  If you know me you  know I've always been more adventurous than the average person travel-wise.  Granted, I'm also in that 1% of Americans that can actually find Lithuania on a map, but I digress.

Vid was equally intrigued.  I have a friend who lives in Moscow & surely she'd let us crash there for a few days so maybe we could swing by there as well?  And St. Petersburg!  Totally on my bucket list because it's where the Hermitage is located.  And we could fly into St. Petersburg on Iceland Air which means we would have to fly through Iceland & could stop & explore some more of the country!  Then we can take the train to Moscow & into Lithuania!

(Side bar: I get 4 weeks vacation & Vid is off for the whole summer so we could totally do this.  Plus we'd have places to stay for free so long as we bring some hard-to-come-by items from the US in 2 of the 4 places.  Neither of us make a lot of $ but I sign up for every e-mail list known to man so we can do cool stuff for nothing or very little $.  I'm very frugal & find being cheap makes it more fun since you actually get to interact with the locals.  You also get to see the "real" country this way.)

And then my mom reminds me: "You're doing IVF in December, right?"

Me: "Yeah, most likely."

Mom: "Which means if it works you'd be 8 months pregnant @ the time of this wedding & unable to fly."

Me: "Obviously.  But we'll cross that bridge when & if we come to it."

Mom: "I know it's hard, but think positive."

Me: "Yeah, well..."

And then the Patriots blew a big play & we got distracted.

Well, I am trying to be positive, but I'm also preparing myself mentally for the worst yet again.  I'm trying to think of something that will make me happy if this next IVF doesn't work.  Travel is my happiness.  Planning a phantom trip is my fun.  Even to a place like Lithuania.

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