Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New shit has come to light

So I talked to my old RE today: the one I adore, the one who did a protocol for IVF #2 that was personalized to me & me alone, the one who I followed to Clinic Y & then ended up leaving under mysterious circumstances.  I found out the reasons she left but won't go into them here as it's my place to do so.  Some of the things that were discussed:
  • She thinks that we have an awesome shot with Nemo given it was frozen @ day 5.  Like many of us she wonders if any of the 4 embies we transferred over 3 IVFs even made it to day 5 once transferred.
  • She still doesn’t believe the “lose weight & get pregnant” hypothesis given the fact I O on my own & have a regular cycle & went off on a bit of a tangent about how docs who say stuff like that are “lazy”.  She said that I stim just fine if it’s done “low & slow” which was clear from my retrieval for IVF #2.  
  •   If anything, she thinks DH losing weight may help if there is a male factor (he has great over all #s but his mot & morph are borderline).  She said he should also start taking COQ10.  She really thinks the issue is MFI & a sperm frag test would likely show DNA level issues.  And PICSI is a good idea if there is more severe MFI.  In fact, it might be Nemo is the product of the only “PICSI worthy” sperm they used (her words, LOL).
  • Finally, she told me to please keep in touch (she’s not sure if she will be going back into practice or just continue teaching @ this point) & feel free to run any ideas by her, that in no way should I give up @ this point, that I should continue questioning REs & that my husband can call to commiserate about crazy Indian parents anytime (ha!).
So lots to ponder.  And that's a good feeling for now.


Rebecca said...

Oh Wow! That is some interesting new news. Hoping that they can fix the issue with the Male factor.

jak said...

this is great news. i'm glad you reconnected with your old doc. your protocol #2 was most similar to what worked for me if i remember correctly (microdose lupron?). the lupron bites, but it worked. i hope that you can find a doc willing to look at the successes your previous doc has had and work with those successes as a baseline. my doc always said to me, 'even if this doesn't work, we are getting more data with each attempt and that gets us closer to success'. and she was right.

you've got a lot of data now, and i hope that brings you success!!

best wishes to you. please, please, do keep us posted...

jak said...

forgot to add - totally farkin' love lebowski:)

kthappy76 said...

Not sure if it made a difference for us since he wasn't on it very long, but my S's last (and the winning) sample was much better than all the previous ones after taking Conception XR, though every dr. we went to wrote off low morph. We sent the rest of the vitamins to his brother, but I don't remember it being much, though all perspective goes out the window w/IF. Good luck hon.

Taylor Paul said...

If you want to shoot me an e-mail, I'll relay some of the supplements Dr. Braverman recommends.