Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy anniversary?

Friday marked 5 years of marriage for us.  We went out to dinner @ one of our favorite places thanks to a Groupon & in 3 weeks we are going to Nantucket for a 2 night getaway thanks to Living Social.  I've always been a bargain hunter thanks to my mother, who taught me from an early age to clip coupons.  With the advent of the internet, deal hunting has changed & I've since taught her how to shop cheap online.   But anyways:

5 years of marriage.  Half a decade.  Longer than a presidential term of office.  Longer than many marriages last.  I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been hard.  I actually know of a few couples where infertility has resulted in divorce.  Not just because of the infertility obviously, but it certainly added to stress that was already there.  And I always wonder if we'll be next because of it.

Reaching the 5 year mark of our marriage also means the 5 year mark of our infertility is just around the corner.  To every person who told us to "enjoy each other; don't start trying to have kids right away": eff you.  I still have my husband for now, but I may never have a child to enjoy.  There is nothing enjoyable about infertility.  I'd give anything to feel a kick from inside, feel the burning pain of labor, be woken up @ 3am for a dirty diaper, be told "no" by a sassy toddler.

We are infertile.  We don't need to worry about finding a babysitter to go out to dinner.  We don't need to worry about hauling a car seat or pack & play on the ferry.  It's just us.  It may only be just us.  Well, us plus the dog & cat. :)


mommy someday said...

Happy Anniversary! Our five year is around the corner too and it amazes me how many of our friends are already on baby #2, or even 3! Ugh. :(

ReadyForMyTurn said...

Happy anniversary. We are approaching the 7 yr mark. And I feel like everyone (people who don't know about IF) must think "what's up with them?!" It sucks.

Rebecca said...

We are coming up on 8 years and still no kids. Sometimes I find it really easy to get on without them and other days I sit and wonder "what if".

JM said...

WOW my number sounds reaaaaally big. We are turning 18 years together. Our relationship started when we were at middle school, and I do fight yet for a miracle, so hang on to hope for your baby(ies) and for hopefully many years of marriage to come. Happy Anniversary!