Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moving day

I took this week as vacation since Vid's university is on spring break too.  We spent a lovely 3 days in Nantucket (yay for offseason deals!) & came back home yesterday.   Despite being a born & bred New Englander this was my 1st time on the island & Vid's as well.  We were the only people staying @ our B&B which was lovely.  Here's a view from the widow's walk:

I am heading to Chicago on Friday for a girls' weekend (so long as we don't get another pile of snow) but this morning, we moved Nemo.  It was an odd experience to move something so tiny & fragile in what can best be described as an old fashioned milk can.  Vid was petrified of dropping it so I did the carrying to & from the car.  We both kept looking in the backseat to make sure Nemo was still snuggly buckled in for the 20 minute ride through suburban Boston.  Vid also put on a Bach CD for the drive since exposure to classical music before birth supposedly makes babies smarter.  Yes, my husband is nuts:


Rebecca said...

Really hoping that Nemo is the one.

Have fun in Chicago and I hope you have a smooth move.

jak said...

hahahaha:) i hope nemo is the one that sticks, not just because you deserve it after all this effort, but also, hugely because, how hilarious would it be to show your kid this photo one day?

have a great trip!!!

Kristin (kekis) said...

I'm surprised Vid didn't buy or rent a car seat for Nemo! :) Hope the move has gone well for you.