Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holy shit it's almost August!

So what's new with you? I can't believe the summer is almost over but will be happy to see the tourists go home. Traffic on the way to work has been a nightmare lately!

I was off work yesterday & am off today since I worked last weekend & will also be on this coming weekend. We are short 3 positions in my section of the agency which means more work for all of us, including having to work 2 weekends a month instead of the 1 I usually work. And if we were every fully staffed I wouldn't be working weekends at all since I am a supervisor. But I've been here for 6 months & we've not been fully staffed the entire time. Welcome to the wonderful world of community mental health. /sarcasm

Anywho, I do have an interview next week. It's for a research position at a hospital; much, much better commute! I'm so psyched but after the last time when I was beaten out for a job by someone who would work for free I'm trying not to get my hopes us too much.

Vid also has a smattering of interviews as usual; he goes for the gazillionth time to the career services place @ his old grad school next week. I try not to let the unemployment thing get in the way of our relationship but it's hard. He's so sensitive & whenever I have a bad day at work (which unfortunately are most days) I usually end up yelling at him for something miniscule & feel super bad after. The stress level is on high & I'm thinking of going on anti-depressants more & more each day. I'd just like to be a fly on the wall for one of his interviews so I can see what he does there that screws him out of a job. That may sound bad but it's been a full 8 months of no job as of Friday; he must be doing something wrong.

In other news my sister has moved back in. She says it is temporary. She & her boyfriend are still together but she finally had enough of living at his parents'. Yep, my parents now have both their adult children living at home. **hangs head in shame** Not only does she live here now but her dog does too. Thank God my parents have a big house. I love my family dearly but all 4 of us haven't lived under 1 roof in over a decade. Aaack!

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